Baby Breland Update

I can still hardly believe it, but I am pregnant (very much so!). The first few weeks were kind of rough. Morning/noon/night sickness were very prominent. It took me those few weeks to figure out what I could and could not eat. Thankfully, most of that has passed. I still have a few difficult days, and my energy level is still very low. Josh and I went out for Halloween last night and I barely lasted the hour we were out, but I am very glad to be able to eat, and eat…and eat. So apart from all of that boring news on my appetite, here’s the rest of the news to date:


What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Right? But we all know that picking a name is very, very important. We also know that it is nearly inevitable to pick a name that won’t somehow be mocked at some point in the child’s life regardless of how careful we are picking it out. (I mean, kids made fun of my last name growing up by mocking Thomas the choo-choo train)

One of the things Josh and I really wanted to do was somehow or another incorporate family names into the baby name. We love names with history to them. So we put a good bit of thought into the ones we are currently considering. Which are…

If little baby Breland is a girl we have two possible names:

Lily Elizabeth…. Lily from the biblical Lily of the Valley, plus our wedding flowers were lilies which adds a fun touch. Elizabeth comes 1) from scripture and 2) it’s my real name.

Corley Jane…. Corley was Josh’s grandmother’s maiden name and we love how unique it is. Jane, though simple still has its inspiration from one of my favorite authors Jane Austen :)

If little baby Breland is a boy, here’s what we have:

Calvin Paul.… I’ll give you three guess as to who Calvin comes from, and no, it is not Calvin Johnson. It is in fact from the reformer John Calvin. Paul is a very special name to both Josh and me. Josh’s brother, who passed a few years ago unexpectedly, was named Paul. Also, my oldest brother and my grandfather (who also passed a few years ago) are Paul’s. So this name really incorporates both families and some fun history.

Since there is a slight possibility that the baby could be born on Josh’s birthday of May 28, we are reserving the “junior” status for if that happens. So if it does happen and we have a boy on May 28, 2013 the baby may be named Joshua Curtis Breland Junior

There is obviously still the chance that we could change our minds, but Josh and I had a hard enough time coming up with these names, that I doubt we will.


Now, I am only about 10.5 weeks along, so cravings aren’t too crazy right now, but there are some things I just feel like the baby can’t do without.

Pink Lemonade …I have been craving pink lemonade almost from day one. And it can’t be just any pink lemonade, it has to be a fountain pink lemonade. And it has been the hardest thing to find. Every place that used to have it before I was pregnant seemed to stop serving it. So with that said, every time I do happen to find it, I drink a lot of it. Thankfully, I finally remembered the second best thing to a fountain pink lemonade: Country Time pink lemonade mix :)  I have finally purchased some, and of course my pink lemonade cravings are down.

Fruity Pebbles …This one doesn’t need much explaining, so instead, here:

I finish off a giant box in a week max, usually less than that.

Other things baby really enjoys is red beans and rice, really any beans, mashed potatoes, and chicken (as long as it isn’t fried). I occasionally crave fruit, that tangy tartness is wonderful. I had been dying for some carbonation, and thankfully found some caffeine free Pepsi, which sees to be hitting the spot.

Unfortunately, some of the things baby does not like includes pizza, Chinese food, and most things sweet (unless tangy/tart). In other words, I have been that pregnant woman that for some reason seems to eat pretty healthy and that hasn’t been pigging out on chocolate. Which if you know me, that’s a pretty big deal!

The Belly

Believe it or not, I do already have a little bit of a baby belly. People at work who know I am pregnant are able to see it. When I walk past a mirror, I can tell I’m pregnant. It is slowly getting to the point where it doesn’t matter if I wear baggy clothes or not, my baby belly is getting visible. It is fun to hear everyone’s reactions when they see it for the first time.

The only thing we find a little odd is that some of the other women we know who are also pregnant, and about the same if not further along than I am, are not showing as much as I am. We know I am small-framed person, so we aren’t worried or anything like that, just surprised. We also know that it’s different for each person. However…

As we were prepping to leave for the Halloween outing last night, Josh came upstairs with an interesting statement:

“You know it might be twins.”

I just smiled and looked at him and then he continued…

“That may be why you’re showing so early. You know, I had a dream last night you were having twins.”

I’ll leave you to think about that as I am too.

So whether it’s one or two, boy or girl, we are still thrilled. It still amazes us every day that we have been blessed with such a gift. And we are still very very excited about the months and days ahead. I have finally hooked my computer back up, so I will try to be more consistent with any updates on the baby that may come. So with that, stay tuned!

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